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Although Surgical services are the focus of K2 Aesthetics Hair transplant and cosmetic centre. Dr. Kamal Kumar appreciates that, not everyone is ready for surgical procedures. Therefore, Dr. Kamal provides some non-surgical services that help you look your best as you determine if there is a need for more aggressive enhancements.

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Fat Grafting

  • Breast Lift

  • Breast Reduction

  • Male Breast reduction

  • Nipple correction/creation





Breast Augmentation

There are a number of reasons why one may want a breast augmentation surgery. It may be to increase breast size, correct asymmetrical breasts, augment the size after weight loss, have a breast lift post pregnancy etc. 
There has been a lot of advancement in breast implant technology and surgical techniques, this has made breast augmentation one of the safest and most popular procedure. Dr Kamal is a highly experienced doctor and, he knows that a doctor and patient relationship is crucial in achieving successful surgical outcomes. Selecting the right type of implant, size and profile may be a daunting task. But, during your initial consultation with Dr. Kamal, he will offer his professional recommendation for your breast augmentation taking into account your skin type, your goals, height, and weight. This will also help you determine the cost of breast augmentation. 

Breast Reduction

Macromastia may cause a number of physical and emotional problems. Large breast may lead to chronic back pain, headaches, breathing problems, strain in the neck, irritation of the skin, and may stop you from playing any sport. Macromastia makes you have lifestyle changes. Fortunately, K2 clinic offers breast reduction surgery. In this extra breast tissue and fat is removed. Enlarged nipples can also be aesthetically corrected in this surgery. If you would like to know more get an appointment with Dr. Kamal Today! 

Breast Lift

With age, women tend to lose collagen and elasticity, which leads to Breast ptosis, also known as sagging of breasts. But, fortunately, mastopexy at K2 clinic can restore the youthful appearance of your breast and make them firm just like before. A breast lift reshapes and raises your breast contour. A breast lift is done to reshape the breast without impacting the size, unlike, breast augmentation that is done to increase the size of the breast or breast reduction that is used to reduce the size of the breasts. Dr. Kamal is highly experienced in performing the best breast lift surgery. If you are looking forward to rejuvenating your appearance, Dr. Kamal will work closely towards a treatment plan that will achieve your breast surgery goals. 

Breast sagging can be caused due to childbirth, age, breastfeeding, genetics. A consultation with Dr. Kamal will clear whether you need a standard lift, vertical lift, concentric lift or a crescent lift. Dr, Kamal has helped hundreds of women to regain confidence by restoring the youthful shape of the breasts with Mastopexy surgery.


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