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When getting laser hair removal, it is very easy for one to get burns on the skin, especially when the skin is not that dark. Laser hair removal does well with darker and light skins, but when the skin is not, it can be affected by the beam of light. Burns can also occur as a result of laser being set too high.

When should laser treatment burns be of concern






















It is advisable when laser treatment causes laser treatment burns, doctor or dermatologist to be notified so that necessary measures to be taken.  Doctor may treat it as an emergency case after assessing the burns and may direct immediate return to the clinic for post-treatment.  Doctors may cool the skin quickly as possible to help in reducing further cell or tissue damage. After that, doctor should instruct the type of treatment you will get for the burn to heal.


Ways of treating laser treatment burns

If the burn is first degree, just outer layer of the skin (epidermis) has been burned, which is mostly affected by laser hair treatment, it usually takes a week to heal and it is not alarming.  This can be treated by applying skin healing ointment on the burns.  Depending on doctors analysis of the burn, may give cream based on that.

Aloe vera get works well with burns; it should be applied directly to the affected areas and kept moistened and soothed. Ice pack can be used to help in soothing the burn and make the area numb. Pain relievers can be used, with the doctor’s permission to help in relieving one from pain. It is advisable for one to stay out of sun to avoid exposure.

Laser Treatment

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