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  • How long the recovery from the hair transplant?
    Hair transplant is a day care procedure , And you’ll require to take rest for 2-3days.
  • How long the recovery from PRP?
    PRP /MNT/MESO is a one hour procedure, it’s just done and you’re ready to go back to work.
  • Cost of PRP?
    We have variable packages, depending upon the combination of therapies. Only PRP or PRP with MNT or PRP with MNT, MESO. Please visit our web page for the offers. Or visit us for consultation or enquiry.
  • Do you guarantee results in PRP?
    Results vary with combinations therapy, and the results are variable , and have experienced from the patients feedback who are under the therapy and those have completed it about the good outcome.But the best person to answer this will be our consultant plastic Surgeon.
  • Cost of hair transplant?
    We have variable techniques for the hair transplant and the cost varies as per the procedure and also depending upon number for hair follicles or grafts used
  • Do you guarantee results in hair transplant?
    Hair transplant will have good results, but the plastic surgeon is the best person to answer this, better to meet the surgeon and ask for the outcome.
  • How long the PRP therapy?
    Generally PRP is given in multiple sessions for the good results. Variable factors are there for deciding , how many are required. The consultant is the best person to guide after assessing the scalp.
  • What is PRP?
    PRP - is platelet rich plasma, your own blood product. We draw about few ml of blood and spin it in a specialised machine. We have a special technique to improve the platelets concentrate to give the best possible results.
  • Is PRP safe?
    Yes it is, since it’s your blood and we are using it onto you only without any outside products. It’s safe.
  • Who is your doctor?
    This centre is run by Prof. Kamal Kumar- senior plastic Surgeon.
  • Why K2 CENTRE ?
    K2 CENTRE is boutique plastic surgical centre. It’s created with keeping the needs of the clientele. It’s primary motto is patient centric with safety as a priority and right treatment. The team comprises of the well experienced plastic surgeons, who are also academicians and also have vast experience in hair transplant and cosmetic procedures and also efficient in reconstruction procedures. The panel of doctors including Maxillofacial Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, endocrinologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, fashion designer and the best trained nurses and staffs are all working under one roof to give the best possible results. The ambience at K2 is best in the class.
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