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First things first...I LOVE MY HAIR...I did not expect this at when i first went in i was treated well and they also had an offer which is an added bonus. Ashrith in particular is just so good at what he does. I told him my hair …More

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Firstly the ambience is really gud....the service thy provide is highly proffesional and at affordable rates. I had been here for permanent smoothening. I really thank madhu for handling my frizzy n thick hair with great care and effort.I ws really satisfied wit the result.

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Staff was highly unprofessional and rude. They told me they couldn’t straighten my hair because I had already coloured it and it was damaged. ( their other branch was willing to do it and said I could do it without any problem). They made

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Had gynecomastia for which I had a consultation at many places. Got to know about K2 Hair  & aesthetics Centre through a friend. K2 team examined me and explained the problem in detail. I was convinced and underwent the procedure of liposuction of the fat and excision of the gland tissue 6 months back. Got discharged in a day and drain out in 2 days. Now I feel more confident and the negative feeling which I had is no more there. I wear the clothes which I couldn't wear in the past. I feel K2 team has taken care of me very well all throughout and happy that I chose the right team.


K2 is the best aesthetic Center in the entire Bangalore if you want to visit. Had approached many of the plastic surgeons in Bangalore regarding my gynaecomastia, but K2 team is awesome. My surgery was hassle free and the post operative problems were also nil. I am very happy that I chose K2 for my surgery and the rapport what these two doctors maintained with me was just amazing. I would definitely recommend K2 for anyone who is looking for a high class treatment for their cosmetic or surgical procedures. Thank you team K2 :)



I am 35 years old male patient, I was suffering from Gynaecomastia (male breast) since my adolescence because of hormonal imbalance. Gynaecomastia has made my youthful life very stressful, I was so embarrassed to go bare chest in pool and temples, I was too hesitant to wear T-shirts, I was made fun in schools and colleges


My problem Gynaecomastia was quite severe it was grade 4 according to doctor, because skin was so excessive. I had the consultation with K2 team and I was explained about the whole procedure, post-surgery and results patiently. I underwent surgery in May 2016. I was operated by K2 team under general anesthesia, surgery was very smooth no pain at all. Post procedure I was comfortable started walking had juices after three hours from the end of surgery. After surgery I had just a discomfort in the chest, but never had severe pain to complain. 


Now it is three months now, I am so happy to share my experiences with you. My chest is flat and I am very free in wearing any dress I wish and I can enter temples with bare chest. This procedure has given a new life to me from shy embarrassed person to confident, active and vibrant person. I sincerely Thank doctors for giving this new me.

 I had  lot of problems with my hair and planned to transplant but the first transplant didn’t work out and I was not satisfied with the work ... I then  had a conversation with K2 team,  K2 Hair & Aesthetics. He explained me my problem regarding the hair directions which was going wrong and was looking bad.  I was convinced and satisfied with my conversation with K2 team and had a second attempt of my hair transplant and after a long time I’m feeling very happy n stress free for my hair...K2 team made the surgery painless and had a great experience with them . Thanks a lot Kamal sir and team 🖤



Hi..!! sir 

When the time came for me to choose a plastic surgeon for myself of all the plastic surgeon, I choose K2 team 

You seem to be such a patient understanding and insightful person thank you for sharing your time, honest opinion and skill as a surgeon, I’m pleased and feel very fortunate that I choose you .

Personally, I think you are a tremendous surgeon very professional and full of knowledge you were also very straightforward about the procedures telling me the do’s and Don’ts before having surgery done. I really appreciate it , thank you so much for everything K2 team

Thank you for providing such excellent, gentle and skilled services. Seeing you is always a fun experience and love your office and your staff. 

I am so happy with my results and have been receiving so many compliments, I feel like this is the best I have looked in years.


  I have tried all medications of hair restoration and have also undergone hair transplant but was not at all happy , I met K2 team ,was convinced to undergo FUE and after that I see a tremendous change in my hair growth and am satisfied finally .




 Reinstating confidence should have been their tag line! I’ve personally seen so many people walking out of k2 hair clinic with a confident smile . K2 team explains every part of the procedure and its outcome to all his patients. I’m so glad that I was referred to K2 team and presented myself at the right juncture of my life . 1 year before my wedding , were the pressure of my work took a toll on my hair and hairline . I couldn’t have found a better treatment or a better place rather a better doctor for this . Every minute spend in k2 was worth it . The confidence I regained to focus back in life is priceless. I would highly recommend this place for all you out there who feel your confidence is going down because of your hair fall ! It is so professionally managed and the quality is just unmatchable cos I come from a hospital background. Take my word on this - you’ll never go wrong with k2 !!!


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