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Plastic and reconstructive surgery should not be taken lightly. Not all doctors are qualified to be cosmetic /aesthetic or plastic surgeons because this branch of medicine is precise and requires years of training and examinations for board certification. Here at K2, the focus of cosmetic/aesthetic and plastic surgery is to rejuvenate, repair and reconstruct with precision and skill acquired from years of training. At K2, a Plastic surgeon is renowned academician as Professor in the field of Plastic Surgery, and With highly qualified consultants in there specialized fields of medicine, qualified nurses and staff are all professionally trained to meet the needs of patients with a personal commitment to giving comfort and understanding.




K2 Vision and Focus


Our vision is to use state of the art technology and innovative techniques in aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery. Our focus is to educate patients, to enable them to make intelligent choices for restorative, rejuvenating and reconstructive hair, face and body procedures that will give them comfort, a natural shape and build their self-confidence.




Each patient has unique concerns, that’s why our service philosophy emphasizes on highly individualized attention. We practice secure, safe and effective surgical experience for all our patients to live full and happy lives. K2 specializations include the most advanced procedures on Hair Transplant, Male Breast Reduction, female breast augmentation or reduction, Liposuction and Abdominoplasty.


Along with it less invasive techniques for hair fall, nonsurgical rejuvenation with Lasers, Botox, Fillers, Scar modulators etc.,





Hair Restoration


With our extensive experience and training with various world class hair restoration centers, this procedure is our prime specialization. The hair transplant technique we use is the most advanced, result-oriented, minimal scarring and economical method. It corrects baldness, facial hair creation and makeover as well as female hairline advancement.




Non-Invasive Treatments


Aside from surgery, K2 also provides non-invasive cosmetic treatments for those who want to look their best but do not wish to go on any surgical procedure. The results from these non-surgical methods determine whether there is a need for a more aggressive course of action. We appreciate the fact that not all patients are ready for invasive or surgical treatments and we respect their decision. Together, we plan techniques that enhance natural beauty and form.

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