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Dr. Kamal Kumar is recognised as the best hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore. The transplantation techniques used by Dr. Kamal are proven. It restores your hairline and hair density naturally, all of this comes at a convenient cost. 

The cost of transplant depends on various factors, some of them being the size of the recipient zone, the techniques used (Follicular Unit Transplantation) (Follicular Unit Extraction), the number of sitting required, post procedure consultation, the quality of hair desired, the density of hair desired. There is a common myth which exists, of hair transplant being unaffordable. Just like celebrities even the common man can now get a transplant. The best way you can find out about more about your hair transplant surgery is through a consultation with Dr. Kamal Kumar. 

About Hair Transplant 
So what exactly is a hair transplant? Why people get it done? What are the precautions needed? Are there any side effects of a hair transplant? Let K2 answer all your queries. 
Hair loss can occur because of genetics, stress, medical condition, ageing, nutrition and diet, or lifestyle changes. 

Surgical treatment is not the only solution to hair loss problems, some hair loss can be treated with medicines and shampoos. However, if the hair follicle is dead the only effective treatment is a hair transplant. The advantage of a hair transplant is that you can get a natural hair growth that will last a lifetime. If you face hair thinning or hair fall, hair transplant is done in the following ways 

Follicular Unit Transplantation 
FUT or strip surgery is a procedure where, donor hair follicles are extracted removing a small strip tissue from the back of the head. 
How it works? 
The procedure is done using local anaesthesia. An incision is made from both sides and extends till subcutaneous fat. The strip is then detached and cut into pieces, so as the appropriate size of graft occurs. The results may be unnatural because, there are times when big grafts are implanted like in the forefront. There is permanent scarring, chronic pain and swelling in this technique. 
Hence, surgical skill matter a lot in the result of a FUT technique. The results are not long lasting in this technique as, follicles are injured during the procedure because of strip’s processing, limiting the survival of transplanted follicles. 

Follicular Unit Extraction 
In FUE technique each follicular unit is taken individually from the scalp. No strip or tissue is removed with this technique. The follicles are removed in random fashion in a way that it is not even visible. 
How it works?
FUE is performed under local anaesthesia and individual follicles are removed. Micro surgical equipment are used for this procedure. A puncture is done in the scalp to receive the grafts. Dr. Kamal is an expert in blending the hair, to a density which matches the original hair. 
The length of the procedure depends on the number of grafts needed. Unlike, the strip surgery FUE does not leave obvious scars, only small punctures are left which is invisible to the naked eye. The average recovery time is 7 days in the surgery. The results of FUE are permanent and, it help in growth of strong and natural hair. 

Hair Transplant clinic 
K2 believes in giving individual attention to each patient individually. If you are someone who has decided to undergo a surgery, we encourage you to meet our past patients and see their before-after pictures to gain confidence in our work. We believe in quality treatment and understand that testimonials are our biggest trophies!

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